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By 1840 there were several members of the Crowton family living in the Midlands, in the Greater Birmingham area. One of the first to make this move was the family of Joseph Crowton (b. Cuddington, 1814). He was the eighth child of Thomas (b. Cuddington, 1762) and his second wife, Elizabeth Evans (b. Dinton, 1777).

Joseph married Alice Briant at Cuddington in 1834, when only twenty years of age. His father Thomas must have been a reasonably well educated man, was at one time the village schoolmaster and owned property in the village. Opportunities would have been limited in the village and he would have had an awareness of other family members who had moved elsewhere in the hope of a better future.

Joseph’s younger brother, Bernard (b. Cuddington, 1815) also made the move to Birmingham:-

1851 Census
Birmingham, Ladywood : King Edwards Road

Bernard Crowton  Head  Mar  36  Tube worker Aylesbury
Harriett   Wife   Mar  35    Birmingham
Mary Oliver Mother in law Wid  63 Charcoal dealer  Birmingham
Thomas  Son    10 At tube works Smethick
Angeline  Dau    4   Smethick
Francis  Son    1   Smethick 

Joseph and Alice had two sons born in Cuddington, Robert (1835) and Frederick (1837). Shortly after Frederick’s birth the family moved to the Midlands.